Drake Fan Tossed Their Mom’s Bra on Stage, Drizzy Wears It as Durag: "Tell Her to Get Instagram ASAP" - WhatsOnRap

Drake's Unconventional Move: Sporting a Fan's Bra as His Crown

Seattle's Climate Pledge Arena turned into a stage of surprises as Drake rocked the mic during his recent gig. Just like clockwork, another bra sailed onto the stage, and Drake's commentary stole the spotlight in true rap fashion.

Holding the bra up like a rap trophy, Drake didn't hold back. "“This is your mother’s bra that you brought to the show,”  he declared, his charisma electrifying the arena. He didn't stop there, delving into his trademark witty banter.

“Where is yo mama at? You gotta send her my love. And by the way, you gotta send her my love and you gotta tell her to get Instagram ASAP. This is insane. What the hell? I could use this shit as a durag tonight.”“This is crazy,” he added. “What size is this though? What is this? This is insane. This might be the record-breaker. I think it has to. It’s a full coverage bra, clearly. It’s custom." This is custom. Damn, this that OVO shit right there. This is custom! Oh my god, I see the size. It’s a 46J.”

Taking the stage by storm, Drake playfully riffed through the alphabet and sent a shout-out to the fan's mama. “Shout out to your mama, girl,” he said. “Make some noise for this girl’s mama right here.”

But this isn't Drake's first rodeo with flying bras. The crowd can attest to the frequency of such moments. In one infamous episode, a fan flung a 36G-sized bra at the 6 God. As fate would have it, she soon bagged a Playboy offer, turning the bra-tossing tradition into a phenomenon.

As the stage embraces the bra rain, Drake's "For All the Dogs" era takes center stage. Despite the album's unreleased status, the vibes are on point. Fans were convinced of a recent release, but Drake and Lil Yachty set the record straight – no official release date had been dropped. The hip-hop world stays hooked, awaiting the next chapter of Drake's rap journey.

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