Drake Sends "Disrespectful" Birthday Gift to Fat Joe Following "Jealousy" Confession - WhatsOnRap

Fat Joe unboxing the birthday gift from Drake

Drake, in a playful move, he surprised Fat Joe with an unconventional birthday gift that left the rap mogul both amused and bemused. The dynamic between the two took an interesting turn as Fat Joe, the formidable leader of the Terror Squad, openly admitted to feeling a twinge of envy towards the ever-successful OVO hitmaker.

Just days ahead of his 53rd birthday, Joey Crack took to the virtual realm of Instagram on a fine Wednesday (August 16). The post he shared was brimming with a mix of emotions as he unveiled the unique present sent his way by none other than Drake himself, using the avenue of Stake, the online casino entity with which Drake had forged an alliance back in 2022.

The legendary rapper from the Bronx delighted his followers with a video showcasing his unboxing experience. Yet, what began as a cheerful and curious endeavor gradually transformed into an air of bemusement as the contents of the package were revealed: personalized socks, bearing the insignia of none other than "Fat Joe." His initial joy soon gave way to good-humored bewilderment.

Chuckling, Fat Joe addressed the situation with his signature wit, saying,“You can’t make this shit up,” Joe said. “Congratulations Fat Joe, it’s your birthday. You’ve got a present from Stake. Stake, a.k.a. my brother Drake’s company. What a beautiful package. Oh my God, let me see what they gave us."

He lifted the personalized socks, a bemused smile playing on his lips, and the sense of humor that has endeared him to fans for decades came shining through. "Fat Joe socks," he declared, a hint of mock seriousness in his tone. “Yo, this is the most disrespectful shit I’ve ever seen in my life. Yo Stake, yo Drake. I said I don’t have a sock or croissant. God damn, be careful what you wish for. Thank you. It’s the thought that counts.”

With a touch of sarcasm, he added a caption that read,  “Thank you @champagnepapi and @stake for my precious 1 of 1 socks.” The post garnered attention and laughter from fans far and wide, a testament to Fat Joe's ability to find humor even in the quirkiest of situations.

This light-hearted exchange came hot on the heels of Fat Joe's candid revelation of his green-eyed admiration for Drake. In the previous month, he openly discussed the rumors swirling around Drake's lavish gifts – including the jaw-dropping $185 million "Air Drake" jet and the awe-inspiring $1 million 2Pac ring. The world was privy to the human side of the larger-than-life rap figure, as he acknowledged, with a mix of jest and sincerity, his feelings of jealousy towards the successes of his fellow artist.

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