Drake Responds To 50 Cent's Jealousy Of Him: “FIF LEMME PULL UP FOR A PEP TALK" - WhatsOnRap

Drake's Reply to 50 Cent's Jealousy and His Offer to Meet Up

In an unexpected turn of events, Drake has humorously responded to 50 Cent's recent video venting about his envy of the fan attention Drake receives during his tours.

Earlier this week, 50 Cent shared a video on social media where he playfully complained about not receiving the same level of fan enthusiasm during his Final Lap Tour as Drake does during his It's All a Blur Tour. 

In the video, 50 Cent walked around backstage asking for help with his feet, implying that Drake's fans go the extra mile by throwing bras at him, while he doesn't receive the same treatment.

Drake came across the video on Wednesday (August 23) and responded in a lighthearted manner, offering to meet up with 50 Cent and provide him with some advice. “FIF LEMME PULL UP FOR A PEP TALK @50cent,” he humorously wrote on his Instagram Stories.

In his original video, 50 Cent jovially expressed his wish to be treated like Drake by fans. He compared the attention he receives to Drake's bra-throwing spectacle and even playfully blamed the backstage crew for not coordinating a production that could get him similar fan reactions.

“This is your fault,” he jokingly told one of the crew members. “Can we coordinate a production that’s hot enough for me to get bras every night like Drake?”

In the caption, 50 Cent added: “It’s too many [ninja]’s on this tour shit, treat me like I’m DRAKE. [shrug emoji] I want to see tetas too.” Notably, 50 Cent and Drake had previously met at a Miami nightclub back in March. Following their encounter, Drake was later seen wearing a Beg for Mercy T-shirt in a photo posted by G-Unit Brands.

While the exchange between Drake and 50 Cent remains light-hearted banter, it's evident that the two artists share a playful camaraderie despite their differences in fan interactions during their respective tours.

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