50 Cent jealous of Drake, Said He Gets bras Thrown At Him Every Night - WhatsOnRap

50 Cent Claims he is jealous of Drake's Tour Treatment and Fan Love

In a video shared on his Instagram page earlier today (August 23), 50 Cent playfully expressed his desire for the treatment he believes Drake receives. In a backstage hallway, the G-Unit mogul humorously complained about his tour staff not pampering him like they supposedly do for Drake.

“Can somebody help me with my feet please?” 50 Cent exclaimed, exuding mock frustration. “They don’t treat Drake like this. They don’t treat muthaf**kin’ Drake like this.”

He continued with a playful tone, “Drake, they throw him bras. What do I get? Aye, could you please go get me some Drake fans? S**t just doesn’t feel right. I need to feel special around here. I need them to treat me like I’m Drake. Drake gets bras every night! Bras every night. I used to get bras in the beginning of my career.”

In the video, 50 Cent approached a staff member and asked him, “What do you do?” to which he responded, “I sort out the setlist.” “This is your fault,” the renowned artist quipped. “Can we coordinate a production that’s hot enough for me to get bras every night like Drake?”

Adding humor to the situation, 50 Cent captioned the video, “It’s too many [ninja emojis] on this tour s**t, treat me like I’m DRAKE. [Shrug emoji] I want to see tetas too.”

As previously reported, the iconic New York rapper is currently embarked on his “The Final Lap Tour” in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. The tour spans five months and includes global locations. Busta Rhymes will be accompanying him throughout the tour, while Jeremih will join him on the North American dates.

“You’ve waited long enough!” 50 Cent exclaimed in the caption of his tour announcement on Instagram. “‘The Final Lap Tour’ celebrating Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ – 20 years later… I’m hittin’ the globe on this one, making stops across North America and Europe, including Toronto, Brooklyn, Atlanta, Houston, Amsterdam, Oslo, Paris, and many more.”

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