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Ice Spice's Request for Financial Help Before Fame

Ice Spice, now thriving in her newfound success, once found herself in a different position. A deleted 2020 tweet recently resurfaced, showing how she reached out to Asian Doll, hoping to benefit from her $10,000 giveaway. In the tweet, Ice Spice claimed to have been evicted with her eight children and appealed for assistance.  “Girl I got evicted this morning with my 8 kids,” Ice Spice wrote. “they cant eat tonight and u my favorite rapper pls do sumn!”

Although the tweet has since been removed, it previously resurfaced in February and April when fans humorously echoed the same sentiment. However, times have changed drastically for Ice Spice. She was recently crowned Billboard's Rookie of the Year for 2023, marking a remarkable journey from relative obscurity to fame within a year.

Reflecting on her achievements, Ice Spice shared her dedication: “I have put in so much hard work, and it means a lot to be recognized for it and have more than just plaques to show for it,” she told Billboard. “I hope to push the genre forward in whatever ways I can, but I know I’ll have a huge impact on the youngins coming up now.”

Billboard attributed her accolade to having four songs in the Hot 100 Top 10 and notable collaborations with artists like Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj.

Ice Spice also candidly spoke about meeting Nicki Minaj, admitting she was overcome with emotion and even shed tears. She described the moment as something she had manifested, although she admitted to feeling jittery despite trying to remain composed in front of her idol.

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