Kanye West's Daughter, North West, Recreates Classic Kanye Polo Outfit from 2004 - WhatsOnRap

North West Pays Tribute to Kanye's 2004 Style in TikTok Recreation

In a TikTok video, North West pays homage to her father's iconic style by recreating an outfit he sported back in 2004.

The video, set to the tune of "American Boy," was originally posted on the joint TikTok account of Kim Kardashian and North West. Shot in Tokyo, it features the 10-year-old daughter of the artist formerly known as Kanye West wearing a button-up shirt underneath a polo top. This joint account has recently been sharing several updates from their time in Tokyo, including a playful clip where Kim and North used their hair as a jump rope.

This outfit holds significance in Kanye's style evolution during that period. Interestingly, North's ensemble here is a perfect match to what Kanye wore during his appearance on TRL in February 2004. Coincidentally, that very month marked the debut of Kanye's highly praised album, "The College Dropout," which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

While it's not confirmed if North is wearing actual vintage pieces from Kanye's wardrobe in the video, this remains a possibility. In a recent episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians," Kim discussed her marriage and eventual divorce from Kanye, revealing that she has preserved a collection of pieces for their children. Notably, she has kept "every single Yeezy" as a kind of "time capsule." While the showcased outfit predates the Yeezy line, it's reasonable to assume that this sentiment extends to older items as well.

Kanye West has kept a relatively low profile since last year when he faced backlash for making anti-Semitic remarks and praising Hitler in an interview with Alex Jones. However, he made a recent return to the stage during Travis Scott's performance in Rome, commemorating the release of his album "Utopia."

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