Lil Wayne And 2 Chainz Collaborate With Usher, Hinting at 'ColleGrove 2' Excitement - WhatsOnRap

Usher Joins Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz

Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz are igniting a fresh wave of anticipation for their highly awaited ColleGrove 2 project, gaining even more momentum as they join forces with none other than Usher for a potential and electrifying collaboration.

The latest buzz in the music sphere emerged on a radiant Saturday (August 19), when an engaging video started circulating across social media platforms. This captivating footage showcased the dynamic trio of Weezy, Tity Boi, and the charismatic presence of Big Ush. The trio was captured in what seems to be the midst of filming a vibrant music video. Their infectious energy was palpable as they seamlessly moved and animatedly interacted with the camera. A striking azure ambiance enveloped the scene, casting an alluring backdrop within the spacious studio setting.

Accompanying this visual spectacle was a concise yet impactful caption, bearing the words "COLLEGROVE 2." This intriguing message provided a tantalizing hint that the showcased visuals are a sneak peek into the creative world of Wayne and Chainz's impending collaborative album. The album's title, ColleGrove, is a fusion of the neighborhoods that shaped these two prolific artists – the vibrant College Park, Georgia, and the spirited Hollygrove in New Orleans. It's a heartfelt nod to their roots and shared journey. The original ColleGrove release made its debut back in March 2016, heralding a milestone in their musical synergy.

Seeking to recapture the unparalleled chemistry that catapulted them to hits like "Rich As Fuck," the undeniable anthem "Bandz a Make Her Dance," and the timeless 2007 Playaz Circle track "Duffle Bag Boy," this project was not just an album; it was an ode to their artistic camaraderie. 

This creative venture secured a commendable No. 4 position on the prestigious Billboard 200 chart, propelled by an impressive 53,000 first-week sales. Yet, it's important to note that due to unforeseen label intricacies on Wayne's side, the spotlight shone on 2 Chainz as the primary artist on ColleGrove. Nonetheless, Wayne's presence remained undeniably influential, contributing as a featured artist on all but three of the album's resonant 12 tracks.

Building upon their acclaimed legacy, this dynamic duo has been tantalizing their devoted fanbase with promises of a sequel for quite some time. The ever-charismatic Drench God himself initially made a bold declaration, asserting that ColleGrove 2 would grace the music scene in the year 2020. With every passing moment, the excitement mounts as fans eagerly await the harmonious collision of these remarkable musical talents once again.

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