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Lul Tim's 'Left A Stain': A Musical Reaction to King Von Murder Charges Being Dropped

Timothy Leeks, the accused gunman in the tragic shooting death of rapper King Von, has seen a significant turn of events in his legal journey. The weighty felony murder charges that once loomed over him have now been officially dropped.

News of this shift in the case initially came to light through YouTube creator Mickey Truth over the past weekend, and it has been further solidified by Leeks' legal counsel. Noah Pines, Leeks' attorney, provided a statement to XXL on Sunday (Aug. 20), confirming that "The case against Mr. Leeks was dismissed prior to ever being indicted."

With the cloud of legal proceedings lifted, Timothy Leeks, also known by his moniker rapper Lul Tim, has emerged with a new song, "Left A Stain," which was unveiled on Monday (Aug. 21). In a compelling artistic response to his vindication, the track delves into the night of the tragic incident. Through his lyrics, Leeks asserts that he acted in self-defense that fateful night, an assertion that the prosecution ultimately acknowledged. .“Just got a collect call from new Pluto yesterday/ He said he on the way, we steady catchin’ place/ I told him ’bout my good news, I’m ’bout to beat this case/ I really came from the bottom, I feel like I’m Drake,” Tim eloquently raps on the song, a sentiment amplified by the accompanying music video.

The sorrowful event that led to King Von's untimely demise on November 6, 2020, outside an Atlanta hookah lounge, unfolded during a heated clash between his entourage and rival rapper Quando Rondo, along with Leeks and their associates. Amidst a physical altercation between Rondo and Von, tensions escalated to gunfire, with shots reverberating from both sides. Tragically, the result was six individuals wounded, and among them, three lives were irrevocably lost, including Von's.

Leeks' subsequent arrest on the following day, tied to felony murder charges in connection to King Von's death, cast a shadow over him. However, after months of legal battles, he was released in March 2021, having posted a $100,000 bond.

This series of events has now culminated in a dramatic twist, as the initial charges have been dropped, giving Timothy Leeks an opportunity to reclaim his life and narrative. The journey from despair to vindication, expressed through music and legal resolution, adds a compelling layer to the intricate tapestry of this tragic chapter in the world of hip-hop.

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