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Tyga and Bobbi Althoff on The Really Good Podcast.

Tyga Links With Bobbi Althoff, Asked Him To Become Her Personal Assistant.Bobbi Althoff has confirmed that Tyga will be the guest on the next episode of her popular show, The Really Good Podcast. The interview comes after Althoff remarked that she didn’t know who the rapper was while speaking with Drake, last month. Althoff shared a snippet of the episode on Instagram, Monday.

“I finally learned who @tyga was / new episode of The Really Good Podcast coming Thursday,” Althoff captioned the video. In the clip, Tyga complains about it being too hot and uses multiple fans to cool off.In her caption, Althoff is referencing the aforementioned Drake interview and a viral clip that stemmed from it. “What’s your favorite Tyga song?” Drake asked in the interview. “Is he married to Kylie Jenner? Is that the guy that dated [her]?” Bobbi asked in response, to which Drake answers, “Yeah, maybe before the iPhone or something. That’s such ancient gossip.” “Does he sing?” Bobbi continues. “I don’t know who that is.” From there, Drake plays her a snippet of Tyga’s song, “Rack City.” 

Tyga and Drake aren’t the only hip-hop artists Althoff has spoken with. In previous episodes, she also interviewed Lil Yachty and Armani White, among other celebrities including Mark Cuban and Funny Marco. Her The Really Good Podcast episode with Tyga will be dropping on Thursday.

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