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Wack 100 Sparks Bizarre Feud with Amber Rose on Clubhouse

In an unexpected twist, Wack 100 has found himself entangled in yet another feud, this time with Amber Rose. In a perplexing move, the music executive took to the Clubhouse platform along with a group of other participants to launch a bizarre verbal attack on her. The video, shared on social media, leaves viewers puzzled about the exact context of the confrontation.

Despite the confusion, Wack delved into Rose's romantic history, mentioning her past partners and launching a furious tirade against her. Reports suggest that this feud may stem from Amber's prior clashes with both Clubhouse and Wack himself.

In a caption that reads, "@wizkhalifa @ae4president WARNING @amberrose JUST ENTERED THE WORLD OF @clubhouse CONFLICT. I AINT HOLDING NO PUNCHES BLAME HER FOR THE SCRUTINY TO COME!! WE KNOW I KNOW IT ALL," Wack 100's words in the clip are pointed and intense. "You can’t play with me, I know where you’re at," he asserts. He then delves into Rose's personal affairs, claiming, "I know about your weird a** baby daddy, all that. I know that he left you for Madonna. Outta here. AE, on my momma. I’m finna violate that- why she put that rule? I ain’t turning nothing down from nobody."

Continuing his rant, Wack 100 makes provocative statements, "You sucked Kanye nine months ago. AE left you for a 70-year-old. Wiz like what you like… We gon’ see how your family and your whole circle can handle this. I hope that you ready. She is nobody! She is somebody to y’all. Wack, you know me in real life." The conversation contains segments muddled by various voices, making them challenging to decipher. This sudden and baffling feud seems to emanate more vindictive energy than clarity.

As this controversy unfolds, the question remains whether Amber Rose will respond to these comments or dismiss them. Known for addressing significant issues within pop culture, such as her defense of Sukihana after the YK Osiris incident, Rose may have bigger battles to address.

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