50 Cent Compares Chris Brown to Michael Jackson: "[Brown] is really the best s**t we got" - WhatsOnRap

50 Cent Compares the Chris Brown To Michael Jackson Debate

In a bold move, 50 Cent has once again stirred the pot, reaffirming his belief that Chris Brown surpasses the legendary Michael Jackson in the realm of music. On September 4th, the "Many Men" icon shared a thought-provoking painting on his Instagram account that sent shockwaves through the music community.

The artwork in question portrays a young Michael Jackson graciously handing over his crown to Chris Brown, symbolizing a metaphorical passing of the torch. Accompanying the image was a caption that left no room for ambiguity: "I like this, I want a painting like this in black and white. Chris Brown is really the best s**t we got out here, but nobody will say it so I gotta say it."

Unsurprisingly, 50 Cent's bold assertion sparked a frenzy of controversy in the comments section, with fans and critics alike weighing in on this contentious comparison. However, this isn't the first time the rap mogul has drawn parallels between these two music titans.

In 2019, 50 Cent caused a similar uproar when he reposted a statement on social media that highlighted Chris Brown's impressive achievements. The post revealed, "Chris Brown has now sold 69.5 million singles in the US, making him the seventh-best-selling singles artist of all time. He has now totaled 100 million RIAA certified units." In the caption, 50 Cent boldly declared, "CB better than MJ to me now."

The ongoing debate surrounding Chris Brown's prowess and Michael Jackson's iconic status continues to divide fans and experts alike. Some argue that Chris Brown's chart-topping success and undeniable talent make him a worthy contender for the title of the King of Pop, while others staunchly defend Michael Jackson's unparalleled influence and innovation in the music industry.

Adding a humorous twist to the ongoing discussion, comedian Chris Tucker recently shared an amusing anecdote that involved both 50 Cent and Michael Jackson. Tucker recounted how Michael Jackson, a fan of rap, would groove to 50 Cent's 2003 hit single "In da Club" while riding in a car. However, the situation took an amusing turn when Jackson started mouthing the lyrics, prompting laughter from those around him.

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