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ASAP Rocky Faces Defamation Lawsuit from ASAP Relli, Alleged Sh**ting Victim

ASAP Rocky Sued for Defamation by Alleged Shooting Victim ASAP Relli

According to Rolling Stone, Terell Ephron, known as ASAP Relli, is filing a defamation lawsuit against rapper ASAP Rocky (Rakim Mayers) and his lawyer, Tacopina

This comes in the wake of a 2021 sh**ting incident involving Rocky, who pleaded not guilty to the charges last August. The altercation occurred in downtown Hollywood, where Relli was allegedly sh*t and injured by Rocky.

Relli alleges that Tacopina orchestrated a damaging media campaign, portraying him as dishonest and seeking financial gain, purportedly under Rocky's direction. This campaign, Relli claims, resulted in threats to his life and public ridicule. Represented by Camille Vasquez, known for her work with Johnny Depp, Relli is seeking unspecified damages.

In response, Rocky's lawyer dismisses the lawsuit as a mere publicity stunt. Tacopina welcomes the lawsuit, seeing it as an opportunity for Relli's actions to be examined under oath. He asserts that this move will reveal any fraudulent activity committed by Relli, and notes that Relli's legal team may be held responsible for the associated fees. 

Tacopina emphasizes that Relli's lawyers may not be fully acquainted with the case's particulars or their client's actions, but he is prepared to provide them with the necessary information.

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