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Blueface Denies Being the Biological Father of Chrisean Rock's Child

Blueface Raises Paternity Doubts as Liked Post Suggests Different Father
Amidst the ongoing saga between Blueface and Chrisean Rock, the plot thickens. The latest twist sees Blueface vehemently contesting paternity, despite a conclusive DNA test that established him as the father of Chrisean Rock's infant son, Chrisean Jesus Malone.

Taking to the digital realm on Tuesday (Sept. 26), Blueface expressed doubts about the authenticity of the test results. He shared, "I knew there was something off I don’t think that’s my baby that dna test was alil weird when I read it seemed fake, I had no control over that test plus y would you have a baby in bmore when you an the 'alleged' father live in LA an the guy claiming the baby live in b more."

Adding fuel to the fire, Blueface posted a screenshot of a liked post by Chrisean Rock, where an X user asserted that Ronnie, Rock's former boyfriend, is the true father of the newborn.

"I thought I was trippin to until I seen this…she kinda told on herself an he is claiming the same thing as well," Blueface captioned the post. "I think they look a lot alike more then me what do you think?"

It's worth noting that in August, Blueface willingly underwent a DNA test to confirm his biological connection to the child in Chrisean Rock's womb. This pivotal moment unfolded on their reality show, "Crazy in Love," with results affirming his paternity. However, in a recent exchange with an X user, Blueface raised suspicions about the test results.

The tumultuous relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock continues to make headlines. Recently, Blueface faced criticism after an explicit photo of his newborn son circulated on his X account. He promptly alleged hacking as the source of the leak. In response, Chrisean Rock publicly condemned Blueface for sharing the image and even recorded a diss track aimed at the rapper.

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