Nicki Minaj Fans Accuse Cardi B’s Father Of Being A “Ped*phile,” She Responds - WhatsOnRap

Cardi B's Father Faces Accusations of Misconduct From Nicki Minaj's Fans

Cardi B's Father Faces Allegations, Sparks Intense Clash Between Fan Base.
Cardi B took to social media recently to address some grave accusations targeting her father. In response to a Nicki Minaj stan account on Twitter, alleging that her dad is a "convicted r@pist" and a "pedophile," the "Bongos" artist expressed her frustration, cautioning others not to involve her family in baseless claims.
She began her response with, "First it was the video lying on Offset, now it’s lies on my dad." Cardi emphasized that offenders are required to register annually, urging restraint, especially when it comes to sensitive matters concerning family. She warned against targeting individuals with serious allegations, stating, "Especially offenders, pedos, and molesters, 'cause everybody gonna wanna cry when I start talking about the real p*ssy snatchers." Cardi also shared a post from a supporter who echoed her sentiment, asserting that "enough is enough."

This isn't the first time Cardi B has been subjected to online trolling and hate. However, the recent false accusations against her father have crossed a line. In 2020, another Nicki stan account leveled similar allegations, claiming that her father was a convicted rapist. Cardi promptly refuted this, highlighting that if her father had been convicted, he would have faced deportation. She responded by saying, "You see ya gotta lie better than that!"

In light of these events, Cardi B remains steadfast in defending her family against unfounded claims. It is crucial to exercise restraint and verify facts before making serious accusations against anyone. The rapper's response underscores the importance of responsible and considerate behavior on social media. 

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