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Chrisean Rock Welcomes Blueface's Baby Boy During Live Stream

Chrisean Rock celebrated a significant moment in her life by sharing it with her fans on Instagram Live. The rapper used the social media platform to document her journey through childbirth, providing a candid and unfiltered view of the process.

On a particular Sunday, Rock initiated an Instagram Live session as she entered labor and subsequently welcomed her baby boy into the world. Surrounded by loved ones, including family and friends, she allowed her followers to witness the entire birthing experience.

In clips that circulated, a midwife attended to Rock's needs, capturing moments of intense emotion. At one point, the rapper even passionately urged the medical team to "get this n***a out" of her, underlining the raw and unscripted nature of the livestream.

It's worth noting that the child's father, Blueface, was notably absent from the livestream. He had previously stated that he and Rock were no longer together and had questioned the paternity of the child. However, their reality show, "Crazy in Love," featured an episode where Blueface underwent a paternity test, confirming that he is indeed the father.

Adding to the drama surrounding Blueface's life, he encountered a dangerous situation last month when he was stabbed during a training session at a gym in the San Fernando Valley. The incident involved a stranger who confronted the rapper, leading to a physical altercation. The stranger brandished a knife, stabbing Blueface in the leg before fleeing the scene.

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