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Ice Cube Claps Back at Elon Musk Over Meme With A Fiery Exchange

Ice Cube and Elon Musk's Heated Social Media Clash
In a recent online altercation, the enigmatic tech magnate and owner of X, Elon Musk, targeted none other than Hip-Hop icon Ice Cube. On September 14, Musk took to the X platform, sharing a meme that humorously quipped, “Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?”

Accompanying the caption was a split image, juxtaposing the renowned N.W.A member with a glass of water filled to its mid-point. This seemingly lighthearted jest garnered a whopping 15,000 replies, 48,000 shares, 660,000 likes, and a staggering 84 million views.

Unfazed by the billionaire's dig, Ice Cube retaliated on the very platform owned by Musk, derisively referring to the app once known as Twitter as a "dumpster fire," symbolizing a chaotic and disastrous situation.

Through his own X account, Cube posted a counter-meme, which playfully stated, “Remember Twitter? This [is] it now, feel stupid yet?” The 54-year-old rapper and actor's post featured the old logo of Twitter alongside an image of a dumpster engulfed in flames.

As of the latest update, Cube’s critique of Elon Musk’s leadership at the helm of X accrued more than 8,000 replies, 30,000 shares, 200,000 likes, and a whopping 24 million views. Notably, even Questlove, the renowned drummer of The Roots, chimed in under the tweet with a triumphant "Booyah!" gif.

In other news, Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league recently crowned the Enemies, led by coach Gilbert Arenas, as the champions of 2023. The epic showdown took place inside London’s iconic O2 Arena on August 26, where the Enemies triumphed over the formidable Triplets team.

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