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Hate Crime in Jacksonville: Racist Writings Target Eminem and MGK

Jacksonville was left in shock this weekend when a sh**ter, identified as Ryan Christopher Palmeter, tragically took the lives of three Black individuals. Authorities are now investigating the incident as a hate crime, primarily due to Palmeter's disturbing racist writings. In these writings, he disturbingly listed Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly as his intended targets.

In his writings, Palmeter expressed derogatory views towards Eminem, referring to the Detroit rapper by his various aliases, including Slim Shady and Ken Keniff. He wrote, Stared the abyss (being ni**erdly) and the abyss stared back (becoming a ni**er),” Rolling Stone reported. “Walks the edge of ni**er lover and honorary ni**er. Fell off not because his new stuff sucked but because the lyrics were gay annoying liberal sh*t. ROE for Total Ni**er Death is to include Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers, aka Slim Shady aka Ken Keniff, aka the white guy from D12) as a valid target and he is to be killed on sight.” He further suggested that Eminem had shifted his lyrical focus towards political themes that Palmeter did not appreciate. However, it's crucial to note that we won't be delving into the harmful and offensive language used in his writings. His disturbing sentiment was that Eminem should be regarded as a target for violence.

Palmeter's writings also indicated a similar sentiment towards Machine Gun Kelly, referring to the rapper by his real name, Colson Baker. He labeled him as an "honorable" individual, suggesting that he should be ki**ed on sight just like Eminem.

These revelations came to light after Palmeter entered a Jacksonville Dollar General store on Saturday, August 26th, armed with weapons and opened fire, leading to the tragic loss of Angela Michelle Carr, Anolt Joseph "AJ" Laguerre Jr., and Jerrald Gallion. Tragically, Palmeter also took his own life during the incident.

The FBI has since reported that Palmeter's writings clearly demonstrate his hatred towards African Americans and his belief in their inferiority. Additionally, there is evidence of his animosity towards the LGBTQ+ and Jewish communities.

In response to this horrific incident, Jacksonville Mayor Donna Deegan passionately called for an end to division, hate, and harmful rhetoric. She emphasized the importance of recognizing that we are all part of the same human family and should treat one another accordingly.

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