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Offset's Advice To Kai Cenat Leads SZA To Block Him On Instagram

Offset's Playa Advice Doesn't Go as Planned with SZA and Kai Cenat

It seems that Offset's advice on making a move on SZA didn't quite have the desired effect for Kai Cenat. The former Migos rapper tried to play the role of a relationship guru during a Twitch stream with Cenat, coaching him on how to approach the TDE songstress, whom he openly admitted to having a crush on.

Offset was quick to dismiss Kai's initial approach, which was rather direct and explicit. Instead, he suggested a more subtle and enigmatic approach, emphasizing the need to be smooth and intriguing. "That ain’t playa, that ain’t P. You gotta ease your way [in], man," Set advised. "‘I got an idea’… that’s what you say. That’s just to get the little bite. ‘I got an idea’ — it’s simple."

However, it seems that SZA didn't quite appreciate the cryptic DM. In a subsequent stream, Kai Cenat was left in shock and disbelief after realizing that the SOS singer had seemingly blocked him on Instagram. He couldn't believe his eyes, sharing his astonishment with his viewers.

"I can’t send any more messages, bro," he lamented, clearly taken aback. "On God! I can’t send any more messages, bro!"

Kai then showed his phone screen, displaying his one-sided DM conversation with SZA, with a message at the bottom indicating that an invite had been sent and he could send more messages once it was accepted.

While this may seem like a setback for Kai, it's worth noting that SZA might not have actually blocked him. Instagram introduced an invite feature in August, meaning that users you don't follow can only send a single message invite before engaging in further conversation.

It looks like the story isn't over yet, and Kai Cenat might still have a chance to connect with SZA. Perhaps a more direct approach is in order this time around. Stay tuned for more updates on WhatsOnRap.

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