Latto Disses Benzino in New Verse on Young Nudy's "Peaches & Egglants" Following Coi Leray Beef - WhatsOnRap

Latto Mentioned Benzino In New Verse Amid Beef With Coi Leray

Latto Throws Shade at Benzino in Recent Verse Amid Coi Leray Beef

Despite attempts to bury the hatchet, both artists, Coi Leray and Latto continue to target each other through their verses. The underlying disses, particularly Latto's reference to Leray in "Put It On Da Floor," are sparking speculations. Moreover, Latto's direct call-out on her new EP only adds to the intrigue. While the feud isn't entirely overt, a recent remix has escalated matters.

Latto recently featured on the remix of Young Nudy's "Peaches & Eggplants" alongside Sexyy Red. In the track, she drops a bar about Benzino ("give me that neck like Benzino, give me that neck like, 'where it go?'"), who happens to be Coi Leray's father. Latto's response to this diss, along with Atlanta MC's promotional picture of Benzino, raises eyebrows. The depth of history and context makes it hard to dismiss this as mere coincidence.

When asked about this bar, the "Seven" artist didn't clarify if it was aimed at provoking Coi Leray. Given that she could have addressed Coi directly if that were her intention, it might be a casual connection. Latto elaborated on the meaning behind the bar and emphasized she wrote the verse independently. The response from Benzino could either put an end to this or add fuel to the feud.

Latto herself humorously noted that it doesn't appear she has a neck in that video. At least, amidst the tension, there's a touch of levity. While this isn't Latto's sole rumored rap beef at the moment, it's certainly the most extensively documented and direct. 

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