Tory Lanez Allegedly Got Married His Son's Mother While Serving His 10-Year Sentence - WhatsOnRap

Tory Lanez's Surprising Marriage Unearthed in Bail Request.

Amidst the headlines surrounding Tory Lanez's legal battles, recent court documents have unveiled a surprising twist – the rapper is now married. This revelation came to light in the midst of details about his recent bail request.

Breaking the news on Twitter today (Sept. 1), court reporter Meghann Cuniff shared, "From his sentencing hearing engagement announcement to his bail motion wedding announcement, Tory Lanez's relationship status has advanced rapidly in the last few weeks." According to the court documents, his fiancée is now his wife.

In the disclosed legal papers, Lanez's legal team outlined his plans if he were to be granted bail. The musician intended to make Los Angeles his home with his new wife, Raina Chassagne, and their 6-year-old child. Chassagne and their child allegedly planned to relocate from Florida to California, where the youngster would attend school.

However, the case took a controversial turn when tensions flared between Cuniff and Lanez's lawyer, Jose Baez. Cuniff questioned Baez's commitment by highlighting the lawyer's vacation photos from Italy on Instagram while Lanez remained incarcerated. In response, Baez retorted by labeling Cuniff a "blogger" and accused her of bias. Earlier in the week, Baez asserted that legal procedures had caused delays in the bail motion but confirmed that Lanez was actively "evaluating all of his options."

As it stands, Lanez is currently appealing his 10-year sentence related to the 2020 shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. According to TMZ, he is housed in a segregated unit, allowed only two hours out of his cell each day, and granted three hours of fresh air per week while being closely monitored by staff. These details have come to light as the bail motion, filed by the nonprofit organization Unite the People, awaits a hearing scheduled for September 5.

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