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Travis Scott’s Phone Is ‘at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico

Travis Scott's Lost Phone Adds Twist to Astroworld Legal Battle
In the aftermath of the Astroworld 2021 tragedy, Travis Scott faces mounting legal challenges. Attorneys representing plaintiffs in the numerous civil lawsuits against the rapper pressed for the production of his phone records. Scott's lawyer, Steve Brody, explained that the phone, crucial to the investigation, had been lost at sea earlier in the year. This revelation emerged during a recent deposition session. "Fell off a boat in January of 2022 and landed somewhere at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico and is not able to be retrieved,” 

While the defense teams for Scott's company and fellow Astroworld organizers have been cooperative, his personal defense has been notably unresponsive. Plaintiffs' attorneys expressed frustration, highlighting that other defendants had produced relevant documents, such as text messages and images from their phones. In contrast, Scott and his team failed to provide any such records, despite court orders.
Brody stated that attempts were made to retrieve the records from Apple and Scott's phone carrier, but they were unsuccessful due to significant hacking concerns. He acknowledged that, in hindsight, the phone should have been imaged shortly after the tragic incident.

Following a comprehensive investigation, Houston police decided not to pursue charges against Travis Scott in connection with the Astroworld 2021 crowd crush. This decision marked a significant development in the legal proceedings. The lost phone, however, has added a new layer of complexity to the ongoing lawsuits.

In the wake of this revelation, questions regarding accountability and transparency in the case continue to loom large. As the legal battle unfolds, the fate of the Astroworld 2021 tragedy remains in the hands of the courts.

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