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Wack 100 States Chrisean Rock & Blueface's Baby is at Risk and Urgently Requires Hospital Care

Chrisean Rock's Newborn Health Sparks Controversy: Wack 100's Concerns Ignite Clash
In what has turned out to be an exceptionally emotional month for Chrisean Rock, her experiences have taken a tumultuous turn as concerns about her infant son's health continue to escalate. 

Many followers of the 23-year-old were taken aback to see her out and about so soon after giving birth, sometimes with and sometimes without her newborn. Initially asserting that little Junior was in perfect health, recent updates reveal that he is dealing with a hernia, a condition being closely monitored by doctors.

This unfolding drama has caught the attention of virtually everyone with an online presence, prompting a range of opinions and comments. Rock has already engaged in a public disagreement with Keke Palmer (although she later offered an apology), and now she finds herself at odds with Wack 100
Over the weekend, the industry figure took to social media to express his concern for Chrisean Jr.'s well-being. He emphasized the seriousness of the situation, pointing out that Blueface, the child's father, is having difficulty locating him for necessary medical care.  "No way a real hospital allowed this child to leave their supervision," he continued. "This ain't [Zeus], this is real life. Blueface can't find the child to get the baby proper care. This baby is at risk and needs [to] be in [the] care of a hospital now," 

Although the post has been removed from Wack 100's profile, on Monday (September 25), he hinted at possessing information about the new mother that could potentially tarnish her reputation. "[Chrisean], say my name one more time and I'ma let the world know why I never f**ked with you," he warned her publicly.

He went on to convey a stern message to Chrisean in his caption: "#TryMe... Don't ever in life call me gay behind wtf you and him got going on. You know why I don't f**k [with] you. It's three of us with the content. Mention my name again with some BS and I'ma expose the real. Now I'ma go on 'bout my day."

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