50 Cent Clowns Keefe D for Seeking Help from Diddy - WhatsOnRap

50 Cent Roasts Diddy for Not Providing Keefe D Money for Targeting 2Pac

50 Cent Mocks Keefe D's Request for Help

50 Cent recently turned his attention towards Keefe D and, to a lesser extent, Diddy. Taking to Instagram, Fif shared a video of Keefe D seeking assistance from Diddy during an interview on The Art Of Dialogue. With a bemused expression, Fif remarked, "🤦‍♂️LMAO 😆 Brother Love, show some love. Damn, should have just sent this fool a few dollars." It's evident that Fif holds no affection for the man recently implicated in 2Pac's tragic incident last month. While Fif and Pac may have had their differences, his sentiments towards Keefe and Diddy's potential involvement are unequivocal.

This isn't the first instance of Fif taking a stand against this duo. Just days ago, he reiterated his belief that Diddy was two-faced and played a role in 2Pac's untimely demise. "That n-gga hugs you from the front and the back at the same time? Fuck you talkin’ ’bout? I mean, if you're into that, you're into that. I’m fine with it. I’m just saying this ain’t my motherfuckin’ kind of party. I am uncomfortable. I think I belong in the girl’s bathroom," reflected Fif.

In the realm of 2Pac updates, never-before-seen mugshots of 2Pac and Biggie are set to hit the auction block next month. These remarkably rare images, coupled with pristine footage of Biggie's final concert, will be offered by GottaHaveRockAndRoll

The footage, captured at the Sting Festival in Jamaica, is reported to be of unparalleled clarity, surpassing any similar content available online. Additionally, the purchaser will gain ownership of the footage's copyright. As a bonus, they will also receive a copy of Biggie's festival agreement with Sting.

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