Dj Akademiks Blasts 'Goofy' Glorilla Over Kai Cenat Beef, Calls Her a Moron - WhatsOnRap

DJ Akademiks Blasts GloRilla Over Kai Cenat Beef

Dj Akademiks Supports Kai Cenat in GloRilla Feud, Calls Her a Moron

Akademiks has thrust himself into the ongoing feud between GloRilla and Kai Cenat, and it appears he's firmly sided with Kai.

The outspoken Hip-Hop commentator didn't mince his words when he took to Twitter early Sunday morning (October 29) to criticize the "Nut Quick" rapper. He accused GloRilla of mistakenly thinking that Cenat was incarcerated, suggesting that her record label had brought her down a notch by making her realize she wasn't above the system. According to Akademiks, Cenat holds greater value than GloRilla, and he found amusement in her attempts to reach out to him while simultaneously dissing him.

In a subsequent tweet, he further called GloRilla a "GOOFY," asserting that she believed her dispute with Cenat was street-related, displaying what he considered to be a delusional perspective. The commentary continued with Akademiks touching on various topics, from mocking GloRilla's appearance to insinuating she had undergone unsuccessful plastic surgery. He also claimed that she lost her footing in the industry once someone named Sexyy Red took over her lane.

The dispute between GloRilla and Kai stems from Akademiks' negative review of Glo's track featuring Fivio Foreign. GloRilla had initially blocked him, but later, under the influence, she expressed intent to unblock Kai. This prompted Kai's response, suggesting she should stick with her initial decision.

Akademiks' intervention in the feud notably coincides with Cenat's ongoing livestream staged from a faux prison, a stunt that has attracted notable guests like NLE Choppa and Druski.

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