Birdman Tells Joe Budden to 'Calm Down' Amid Drake Beef Over 'For All the Dogs Album' - WhatsOnRap

Birdman Asks Joe Budden to Stay Calm Amidst Drake Feud

Birdman Reacts to Joe Budden and Drake Feud Over New Album

Drake unleashed his highly-anticipated album, "For All The Dogs," to the eager anticipation of fans who were looking for some hot takes and lyrical fire. The response was mixed, with notable critic Joe Budden not exactly singing praises on his podcast. Drake, never one to shy away from a verbal sparring match, fired back.

In his retort, Drake didn't hold back. He suggested that Budden's music career hadn't exactly hit the high notes and that now he's relegated to critiquing others' work for a paycheck. Furthermore, Drake accused Budden of harboring envy and projecting his own insecurities onto him.

Budden's response, while succinct, held a touch of wisdom: "You'll grow up sooner or later... Father time is undefeated." He later clarified that his comments were made with good intentions.

In the midst of this verbal joust, Birdman, a longtime ally of Drake, decided to weigh in via his Instagram Story. He offered a cautionary note to Budden, advising him to steer clear of ruffling Drake's feathers. "@Joebudden calm down brother," he captioned a picture of the commentator. 

"You not built 4this real gangsta sh*t @champagnepapi @cashmoneyofficial." The exact meaning of Birdman's message to Budden remains open to interpretation.

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