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Blueface Receives Suspended Sentence of 2-5 Years for Las Vegas Sh**ting Case

Blueface Receives Suspended Sentence for Las Vegas Sh**ting Incident
Blueface, born Johnathan Jamall Porter, has been handed a sentencing of up to five years for his involvement in a sh**ting outside a Las Vegas strip club in October of 2022.

Having entered a guilty plea to the charges in July 2023, the rapper faced Judge Kathleen Delaney on Monday, October 2nd, receiving a suspended sentence ranging from 24 to 60 months.

During the sentencing proceedings, the victim, Kentabius Traylor, expressed his dissatisfaction with how the case was managed, emphasizing his deep disappointment in the entire process. Traylor stated, “From the D.A., to just representation, to him, to everything, it’s just all been a complete drop of the ball. I have completely lost faith in the justice system. Yeah, this crime has done nothing but take a toll on my life since the day it happened.”

Traylor went on to voice his belief that the sentence did not reflect the severity of the incident when compared to other cases. He shared, “I haven’t been able to get work. Everything has gone down the drain… I know people who get more time for stealing bubble gum honestly. I know people who get more time for stealing TVs than sh**ting somebody. I’m just completely disappointed in all of this.”

According to official documents detailing the incident, Traylor made a jest about Blueface conversing with some women near a modest vehicle outside Euphoric Gentlemen’s Club. Unfortunately, the situation escalated, resulting in the sh**ting.

The account reads, “[The victim] was attempting to leave in his truck after the fight and stated the males may have thought he was ‘going for a gun’ and started sh**ting at him in his truck.” Porter was apprehended in November 2022 outside Lol-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles in Las Vegas.

Over the summer, Judge Delaney accepted a plea deal proposed by Porter’s attorneys Kristina Wildeveld and Lisa Rasmussen, which ultimately led to a probation-only sentence. This arrangement saw a reduction in charges to “battery and discharging a firearm at or into an occupied structure.” Initially, Porter had been charged with attempted murder, according to reports from 8 News Now.

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