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Don Megatron Releases New Single 'Billion Dollar Plan

Denver Rapper Don Megatron Talks Music, Inspiration, and Ambitions
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Introducing Don Megatron, a dynamic rap artist representing GVR in Denver, Colorado, with deep roots in the vibrant music scene. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Don MegaTron brings a wealth of experience to the table. Besides his musical prowess, he's been a professional independent model for the past eight years. His musical journey began in the 8th grade, although he officially dove into rap at the age of 25. 

Music flows in his veins, passed down through generations. His father, once a teen singer, later mastered jazz bass and even owned a barbershop. Meanwhile, Don MegaTron's grandfather is renowned for his saxophone virtuosity. This rich family heritage has instilled in Don MegaTron a profound understanding and love for music as an art form.

As for what inspired him to embark on this musical journey, it's a tale of purity and love that evolved over time, providing him with a peaceful means of self-expression. Though he acknowledges starting relatively late, he believes his diverse life experiences have uniquely prepared him for a lasting career in the music and entertainment industry.

Don MegaTron's latest offering, "Billion Dollar Plan," from the EP titled "Sounds Like Talley," holds a special place in his heart. It's a tapestry of his personal narrative interwoven with sharp punchlines and a distinctive style, offering listeners an opportunity to connect with experiences both relatable and unique. This project represents a deliberate shift from his previous work, promising a deeper and more introspective dive for both seasoned fans and first-time listeners.

Listen To Don Megatron's New Song. 'Billion Dollar Plan' Bellow: 

In releasing this song and its accompanying video, Don MegaTron has set personal expectations high. Confident in his expression, he hopes to not only attract new fans but also cultivate genuine connections with those who encounter his work. No frills, no gimmicks, just authentic, real hip-hop

The visual masterpiece, directed by Idalis Richardson, was shot by @pplcallmerich and Onco. Haus Productions, embodies a fusion of 90s nostalgia with a modern twist, offering an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Don MegaTron's style of rap and hip-hop is a testament to versatility. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists like Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Wiz Khalifa, Currensy, Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, and Dom Kennedy, he blends in the distinctive West Coast groove. 

He takes pride in his unique flow patterns, steering clear of trends to pay homage to the backpack rap/mixtape era from 2008-2014. What sets him apart, however, is his unparalleled willpower and unyielding passion for greatness. P's mission transcends mere music – he seeks to make an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape.

Musically and lyrically, Don MegaTron's influences harken back to the golden era of 90s-2000s West Coast rap. The hook in particular pays homage to the legendary Snoop Dogg, a West Coast icon whom Don MegaTron believes is one of the greatest artists alive. Don MegaTron father's early exposure to Snoop's music, even before its official release, played a pivotal role in shaping the concept and title of the song.

In terms of upcoming performances, Don MegaTron is gearing up for an electrifying show alongside Denver legend Hanzo The Phantom, headlining Trackyon Music's annual event, "Finesse and Flow." The event is set to captivate Denver, Colorado, at the Squire Lounge on Colfax on October 20th. Doors open at 7, so be sure to arrive early for an unforgettable experience.

Don MegaTron approaches the balancing act between creativity and the business side of the industry with a newfound openness to feedback. Recognizing the value of constructive criticism, he now views his endeavors through a business-oriented lens. This involves a systematic analysis of each facet, identifying the most valuable components, and strategizing for growth.
Don MegaTron's mantra is to turn weaknesses into strengths, constantly seeking improvement and never settling for the status quo. His journey is a perpetual quest for excellence, fueled by an unwavering commitment to his craft.

Given the popularity and influence of WhatsOnRap as a primary source, we had the opportunity of get an exclusive interview with the artiste Don MegaTron.

The interview with our esteemed guest was not only productive but also a thoroughly enjoyable experience. We delved into intriguing aspects, including his latest track "Billion Dollar Plan," and he graciously shared insights that are bound to pique the interest of fans and readers alike. 

Read The Full Interview Bellow: 

1. Can you tell us about the overall theme or concept behind your new song? 
The overall theme is creating a “billion dollar plan” takes hustle,grind, takes having a chip on your shoulder  when you speak. Denver has that in spades i feel like so i used my city heart beat places and spots, and a few well know locations and my lyrics, my wardrobe in the visual to speak to that. 
The concept of the video is a 90s Black & White east coast hip hop performance based video with a modern mountain west coast twist. 

2. What was your creative process like when making this song? 
just me on a search for beats and creating for a new ep and this was one of the first beats from Epik the Dawn that caught my attention that fit my lyrics and made me feel something that I wanted to tap into a deeper lyrical bag. Beats that’s are melodic and not 808 heavy. 

3. How does this song differ from your previous work? 
As I said,I really wanted to focus on the lyrical content/ the marketing and concepts from a visual aspect and the vibe was to give something to make them feel like there on a ride with me somewhere.My previous work, warrior ep is a 9 track hard hitting west coast thumper. something you can bang on car all the way through with 4 high energy visuals,This is something different. Something you smoke to or get your hustle on or go workout in the gym to, you know on your ride home from the mission this is what you want to play. 

 4. Can you describe any particular challenges or interesting experiences you had while making this song?  
The interesting part was definitely comming up with a visual and a shot list that matched the energy of the song cause it’s different that what I had to do in previous times.

5. What kind of message or emotion do you hope to convey to listeners through this song? 
I hope the emotion is passionate and I want to convey to the listeners something real authentic and can be respected from Denver Colorado the mile high city ya digg! 

6. Are there any tracks on the EP that are particularly meaningful to you? If so, can you tell us about them? 
It’s a 5-track Ep so they all have a significant meaning for sure but the most important are billion dollar plan and primetime. They mean the most cause i put the most behind them in all aspects. So they mean a lot right now to me

7. How do you plan on promoting this song to your fans and reaching new audiences?
I plan on it being super accessible on the podcasts regional and local radio, on YouTube, tiktok to Facebook etc etc ultimately an easy to find. we comming to a city near you in 2024 the campaign is in the works music more merch more shows. Stay tuned.

8. Finally, where can listeners find your new song, and how can they keep up with your future projects and releases?

You can find my new song on all streaming platforms. Tap in with www.trackyon I know we are going to have an exclusive look on the video before the drop so stay tuned on that for sure.


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