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Drake's Dad Defends His Son Against Critics Amid Joe Budden Beef

Drake's Dad Fires Back at Critics Amid Joe Budden Feud
Dennis Graham, the father of the renowned artist Drake, is known for his unwavering support for his son. He recently addressed what he refers to as  “old haters fucking with his son.”

This Monday (October 9), the patriarch of the 6 God clan took to Drizzy's Instagram to share his thoughts on a now-deleted post. This post, authored by Drake on the same day, marked yet another commentary aimed at Joe Budden. In it, the Toronto rapper expressed gratitude for his life's journey, emphasizing the importance of not rushing to conclusions, especially on platforms like the Best Buy podcast. “I thank God for this life and not having to come to rushed conclusions on Best Buy podcast mics.”
Dennis Graham expressed his frustration, stating, “It’s a fucking shame that a young artist can’t do his own thing and enjoy his glory without an old hater motherfucker trying to bust his bubble because he has nothing going on,” He further emphasized that age should never dictate one's pursuits, as long as they are within legal boundaries. “And to put a mention or put a limit on what age anyone should be dealing with which is none of their goddamn business, as long as they’re of legal age.”

He went on to assert, “I am sick of these old fucking haters fucking with my son. If you don’t like what he does, keep it moving motherfucker, he’s not bothering you!”

While Drake and Joe Budden have recently been engaged in a war of words, it's worth noting that their relationship wasn't always so strained. A resurfaced video, making rounds on Sunday (October 8), captures the 6 God extending warmth and admiration towards the New Jersey-based Budden outside a show.

“I’m happy, I’m honored — I’m honored to be around you, man,”  Drake conveys in the clip. He questions, “So, I can’t be honest on your network, here? I can’t be honest to your fans and say I’m honored to be around you?The relation between them in this moment paints a different picture from their current discord.

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