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Mike Tyson and Eminem's Hilarious Exchange During Fury vs Ngannou Fight

Eminem Gets a Lesson on the 'Superman Punch' from Mike Tyson

The much-anticipated fight between WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou culminated in a contentious split decision favoring the British pugilist. Notably, Ngannou exhibited an impressive performance, with none other than Mike Tyson, who played a pivotal role in his training for the bout, seated ringside alongside Eminem.

Their camaraderie, forged through collaborations on the "Godzilla" music video and an episode of Mike's "Hotboxin’" podcast, was evident. This comfort level led Marshall to seek Tyson's professional insights at a crucial juncture.

In the climactic 10th round, Ngannou unleashed a daring move known as the "Superman punch" — a maneuver more prevalent in MMA than boxing, which involves springing off the canvas to deliver a forceful blow from above. Eminem, visibly taken aback, couldn't help but turn to Mike Tyson and inquire, "What the hell was that?!" The boxing legend promptly elucidated, "Superman punch. That’s what they do in the UFC." Marshall, inquisitive as ever, quipped, "Did you teach him that?" The exchange elicited hearty laughter from Tyson, who retorted, "Not this one. But I told him to use it though!"

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