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Drake Look-alike Dresses As Ice Spice For Halloween In a Viral Video

Drake Doppelganger Stuns Internet with Ice Spice Halloween Costume
This past weekend, yet another Drake lookalike sent social media into excitement. A brief video featuring user @daevionstaples dressing as Ice Spice for Halloween immediately gained viral status on the platform. Dae flawlessly replicated the Bronx rapper's signature red curls and pink tracksuit, but it was his facial hair and sunglasses that left many convinced he was the Canadian star.
There's an undeniable resemblance between the two in the clip, which has now amassed a staggering 36 million views from a single tweet. It's also a curious coincidence that their names are only two letters apart. Drake has been encountering impersonators at every turn recently. Just last week, the internet erupted over a reveler spotted at a Drake Night event in Brooklyn.
While it remains unclear if the 6 God had a Halloween costume this year, Ice Spice's bold "Betty Boop" ensemble certainly turned heads on stage at Power 105.1's Powerhouse concert. The show proved too intense for one fan, who even handed Ice a Bible once the performance concluded.

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