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Francis Ngannou's Face Expression When He Realizes He Ignored Eminem 

Francis Ngannou's Reaction When He Almost Didn't Recognize Eminem
In a curious moment at Friday night's pre-fight dinner, Francis Ngannou came close to overlooking one of the evening's star guests, Eminem.

Ngannou is in the final stages of preparation for his much-anticipated bout against Tyson Fury, scheduled for Saturday night in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at 10 pm BST.

During the dinner event, Ngannou, focused and determined, navigated through the crowd, nearly missing the presence of the iconic hip-hop artist, Eminem. It took a timely intervention to prevent him from walking past.

The former UFC heavyweight champion's swift movement through the crowd resulted in a momentary miss of Eminem, prompting a look of astonishment and realization from Ngannou. It was a close call, but the two managed to share a brief embrace.

Later that evening, Eminem showcased his passion for boxing while conversing with former professional boxer Amir Khan, who had gifted him a limited edition WBC watch.

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk also joined the event, seizing the opportunity to snap a photo with the 'Lose Yourself' star for his Instagram story.

With a constellation of stars in attendance, the event promises to be memorable. Ngannou, making his boxing debut after transitioning from MMA, is set to face a seasoned opponent in Tyson Fury, who aims to secure his 34th career victory and maintain his undefeated record in 35 bouts.

While Fury is the clear favorite with odds of 1/16, Ngannou, a former heavyweight UFC fighter, is expected to present a formidable challenge.

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