JT Unveils the Reason Behind Throwing Phone at Lil Uzi Vert During 2023 BET Awards, ASAP Bari Claims Dispute was Over Ice Spice - WhatsOnRap

JT Reflects on the Nigh She Threw Her Phone at Lil Uzi Vert at The BET Awards

JT Clarifies BET Awards Beef with Lil Uzi Vert and A$AP Bari's Reaction
A$AP Bari has responded following JT partially attributing her altercation with Lil Uzi Vert at the 2023 BET Awards to him, citing the dispute was over Ice Spice.

During their appearance on The Breakfast Club to promote their new album RAW, JT recounted the high-profile incident that took place with her boyfriend Uzi at the awards show in June. She explained that the disagreement arose when Uzi, whom she endearingly called a "frantic kid," approached her after his performance and expressed his desire to leave, despite the show having just begun.

Wearing a voluminous dress, she assumed he was leaving and would send someone to retrieve her. However, when she got up, she found Uzi seated with Bari, his accompanying friend. According to JT, Uzi should have ensured she had her seat, emphasizing that it wasn't about another artist but rather about making sure Bari was seated correctly. 
She expressed that he should have promptly vacated the seat, stating, “You should have made sure I had that seat. It was never about another artist. It’s about you made sure that Bari was in his seat. He was chilling there like, ‘Yeah, bitch. I’m sitting right here.’ He was supposed to get up!”

In her view, both men should have acted swiftly, but instead, they lingered, which led to her taking a stand. JT believed they should have reacted promptly and considered the situation more seriously.

Following the interview, A$AP Bari, the co-founder of A$AP Mob, responded on Instagram Stories, accusing JT of "lying" about the incident. He asserted, "He ain’t want you [sitting] there dusty bitch. Stop lying."

He further claimed, "She was really mad about ice spice not me. She called him a groupie cause he was sitting next to her. Bitch sold 6k talking about me." In subsequent posts, he expressed frustration about being portrayed as the "bad guy" and asserted his respect for all women.
In a rebuttal, JT addressed the situation, highlighting envy in her response, "Hoe ass n-ggas be so jealous of bitches! If I can turn nothing into something, What make you think I can’t turn something into some more?!"

The heated exchange between JT and Lil Uzi Vert made headlines, with footage showing JT throwing her phone at Uzi and expressing her frustration. Despite the public spat, the couple reconciled and left the awards show together.

Speculation suggested the argument was related to Ice Spice, as Uzi was seen seated next to her in a photo posted by JT on Instagram.

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