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Kodak Black Claims He Could Mentor Kanye West

Kodak Black Offers to Mentor Kanye West in Candid Drink Champs Interview
In Kodak Black's recent interview with Drink Champs, a multitude of intriguing revelations surfaced, including the rapper's belief that he could serve as a trusted confidant to Kanye West.

The conversation with Kodak, co-hosted by N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, was released across all platforms on Saturday (October 28). Amidst the discussion, the Florida rapper candidly shared his perspectives on both Ye and Pharrell Williams.
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This moment unfolded during the show's famed "Quicktime With Slime" segment, where guests are tasked with choosing their favorite between two options, facing a penalty of taking a shot if they opt for both. When presented with the dilemma of being "Team Pharrell" or "Team Kanye," the provocative rapper ultimately sided with the Virginia luminary over Ye, while expressing admiration for both.

“I fuck with Pharrell. I’m not going to lie, I can call Pharrell and talk about anything. I fuck with him,” Kodak affirmed, taking a brief pause for reflection.

He then added, "But Kanye [is] Gemini gang," eliciting laughter from co-hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN. “And Kanye, I felt [sic] like I can be his mentor or something. It would be very fruitful for his life. Kanye, when you see [this], holler at me.”

This segment of the interview follows another snippet from the same conversation, earlier shared by the Drink Champs team, where Kodak expressed his gratitude towards Donald Trump.

Upon viewing the clip, audiences were quick to comment on the body language of the "Super Gremlin" wordsmith, noting a visible shift in demeanor.

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