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North West Shares Her Favorite Kanye West Track, Expresses Desire to Meet Tupac

North West's Aspirations From SKIMS to Artistry, To Her Tupac Fascination
At age of 10, North West is already making waves in the world of interviews and magazine covers. Recently, I-D Magazine featured her on their cover, complete with a captivating Q&A-style session. This, in itself, is hardly surprising given her lineage. 

As the daughter of the outspoken Kanye West, it's clear she has inherited some of his traits. Naturally, people were eager to hear what she had to say and what topics would be broached.

When asked about her aspirations for the future, North's response was intriguing. She expressed a desire to own both SKIMS and Yeezy, brands close to her family. Beyond the world of fashion, she also expressed interest in becoming an artist and even pursuing a career in basketball. 
These are significant revelations for someone so young. On a lighter note, she shared her current favorite song, which happens to be her father's "Through The Wire."

Her admiration for Kanye shines through in this endearing response. Furthermore, she was queried about the one person she'd most like to meet, and her choice was none other than Tupac. It's a distinctive answer, especially for someone of her age. It's evident she's delving into the annals of history, particularly in the realm of hip-hop.

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