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Quavo eats a golden “glizzy” in France that he said costs $100,000

Quavo Sparks Controversy Claiming He Ate a Six-Figure Hot Dog with Gold Flakes
Quavo recently sparked a social media frenzy when he was spotted relishing a hot-dog, affectionately known as a 'glizzy', boasting that it held a six-figure price tag.

The former Migos member decided to indulge his taste buds at an undisclosed restaurant, though insider whispers suggest it may have been nestled in the heart of France. Opting for a comfort food that resonated with familiarity, Quavo chose a hot dog, meticulously split down the middle and adorned with a generous drizzle of ketchup and mustard.
What set this particular hot dog apart, however, were the delicate, glistening flakes of gold, elevating its worth,  at least according to the rapper. While Quavo's claim of its extravagant cost might have been somewhat tongue-in-cheek, reports from 2012 suggest a similar culinary experience would set a diner back a cool $2,300.

Just last Wednesday, he graced the hallowed halls of the White House, accompanied by his mother, Edna Marshall, and TakeOff's mother, Titania Davenport. According to the Associated Press, the trio convened with Vice President Kamala Harris, pooling their collective wisdom to forge solutions in the battle against the rampant epidemic of gun violence plaguing the nation.

It's a cause close to Quavo's heart, especially since this very epidemic claimed the life of TakeOff, tragically outside a Houston bowling alley in November 2022. The mission to create a safer America burns brighter than ever in Quavo's soul.

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