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Se*yy Red Addresses Comments on Leaked Tape & 'Poundtown' Lyrics

Sexyy Red Talks About Fan Reactions to Leaked Tape and 'Poundtown' Lyrics

In a recent turn of events, Se*yy Red took a stand on social media, addressing the controversy surrounding the unauthorized release of her private video. Just last week, the explicit footage found its way onto her Instagram Story, eliciting a wave of negative comments and trolling.

Unfortunately, this incident has led some to speculate that she was behind the leak, a claim she vehemently denies. "Anyone who truly knows me understands I would never engage in such foolishness," she passionately expressed on Twitter.
In the midst of the onslaught of unsympathetic remarks directed at the rapper, she revealed that fans have begun to question the lyrics of her chart-topping hit, "Pound Town." This track is best known for the memorable line, "My coochie pink, my booty-hole brown." Detractors have seized upon the se* tape as evidence to the contrary, but Se*yy Red was quick to set the record straight.
It's disheartening to witness a talent hailing from St. Louis feel compelled to defend herself under such circumstances. Nevertheless, she stood her ground, highlighting that the negative comments merely reflect a lack of understanding regarding female anatomy. "That's how I know  y'all don't get no a**, nothing," she explained. "Common sense."
She pointed out. "Basic knowledge, folks." There's no indication that this accomplished artist will allow the negativity to deter her, as she subtly addressed the backlash once more on Twitter. "Stay off my page unless you got some money for me or trona eat dis sweet brown kewchie,"  she asserted, signifying her commitment to rise above the noise.

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