T.I. Reveals What André 3000, Eminem, and Nipsey Hussle Had in Common - WhatsOnRap

T.I Talk About The Relation Between Eminem, André 3000 & Nipsey Hussle.

During an exclusive interview with B High Atl, Atlanta's very own T.I. shared insights about his noteworthy collaboration with the legendary André 3000.

When asked about how the collaboration with André 3000 came to fruition, T.I. humorously quipped, “How did André 3000 collab come about? Man, I really just wanted him to be on there so I waited and paid [laughs].”

He went on to highlight the distinctive approach of André 3000, Eminem, and Nipsey Hussle in their verse deliveries, emphasizing that they are known for crafting some of the most extensive verses in the industry. He commended their ability to seamlessly unite their contributions into a masterful whole.

T.I. and Eminem share a collaborative history, having joined forces on two significant occasions. Their initial venture was in 2007 with the track "Touchdown," featured on T.I.'s album "T.I. vs. T.I.P." Produced by Eminem and Jeff Bass, the song incorporates an electronic keyboard, creating a distinctive trumpet-like sound. Interestingly, Eminem later reflected on his verse in the song, deeming it "horrible."

Their second collaboration took place in 2010 on the track "That’s All She Wrote," which was part of T.I.'s album "No Mercy." The song made a strong debut at No. 18 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. Additionally, an unreleased solo version by Eminem with an added verse surfaced, further highlighting their creative synergy.

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