Wack 100 Posted Receipts Of Chrisean Rock Allegedly Trying To Backdoor BlueFace In 2020 | WhatsOnRap

Wack 100 snitches on BlueFace baby mama Chrisean Rock on paying for a hit.

Wack 100 Alleges Chrisean Rock Tried To Put Hit On Blueface

Dramatic news comes to light as details regarding Blueface's personal life get exposed by his manager. Nasty details have surfaced about Chrisean Rock, the mother of the rapper's second child, apparently plotting against him and his family with assistance from her associates.

Wack 100, Blueface's manager, made public a chain of dialogues on Monday, providing evidence against Rock. It suggests that she conspired with a cohort from Baltimore to share the rap star's home location with ill intentions.

These revelations seem to spring from a period when she was a part of Blueface's reality project, Blue Girls Club, back in 2020. Her displeasure became apparent over having lost her frontal teeth in a face-off with the rapper's baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis.

In the messages, Rock states, "His BM the reason why my tooth gone fr… I ain’t even tell you everything yet just wait,". The receiver of these texts responds with a call to action, asking for Blueface's regular whereabouts. Rock's shocking replies seem to offer up the rapper's address.

What's more chilling is Rock's subsequent messages which imply a request for Blueface's family to be attacked. "I want them done for not blueface his sister and BM on god, You can’t let them get away with it." one text clarified. The person she reaches out to asks for Blueface's address yet again.

As the texts progress, Rock reveals that the rapper has a second dwelling. "Dummy he gave me my phone ina crib that’s fr his address he got another crib too.", she discloses. One text implies that the recipient and Rock could be relatives.

Karlissa Saffold, Blueface's mother, also gave her two cents on the exposed texts, writing, "Then they wonder why I didn’t want her there."

The leading characters Blueface and Chrisean Rock haven't, as of now, reacted to Wack's publicly displayed conversations.

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