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Benzino Denies Coi Leray's Involvement in Dr*g Sales or Sleeping in Cars Amidst Father-Daughter Tension

Benzino Challenges Coi Leray's Narratives About Their Relationship.

In the ongoing narrative of Coi Leray and Benzino's relationship, recent comments by the "Blick Blick" artist have sparked a public exchange between the father-daughter duo. While they previously appeared to be on amicable terms, Leray's revelations during a recent interview with Angie Martinez seemed to ignite a firestorm of emotions.

Leray shared insights into the evolution of their relationship, noting the initial challenges as she rose to fame. "At first, it was rocky because I felt like he couldn't handle my success," she expressed during the podcast. Despite acknowledging his humanity, the tension in their dynamic became palpable.

Benzino, a former media figure, took issue with the narrative circulating about him. He criticized both Leray and Martinez for what he deemed a "false narrative" and called out Busta Rhymes for featuring Leray in a music video. The public spectacle intensified when Benzino took to Instagram Live on Monday, vehemently disputing Leray's claim of sleeping in cars.

"That I knew about, you know. I had my daughter five months out the year," he added. "I was with her mother until she was nine, then I had her five months out the year. She lived with me twice, in Atlanta she went to Campbell High School" Benzino passionately declared. I was a single dad, and I was taking care of my kids. All of my kids," Benzino went off, the emotion in his voice growing. "And her two older brothers by two other men that wasn't mine"

Expressing concern, Benzino suggested Leray might be influenced, stating, "[Coi] looks like she's almost brainwashed." He adamantly denied her assertions of her hardships, stating she had never "She ain't ever slept in no cars or sold dr*gs. I don't know why she's running with this narrative," questioning why she would embrace such a narrative.

As the drama unfolds, Leray has yet to respond, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Regardless of the ongoing personal strife with Benzino and other relationships, Leray remains a force in the music scene, garnering four Grammy Award nominations in 2023. The complexities of her personal life and the unfolding familial drama add layers to the rising artist's narrative, inviting speculation about the intersection of fame, family, and truth.

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