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Blueface's Sister Claims Se*yy Red Stole Her Song

Blueface's Sister Claims Song Theft by Sexyy Red: Social Media Feud Unfolds
Se*yy Red faces accusations of song theft from Blueface's sister, Kaliwae, over the track "Free My N-gga," leading to a social media feud.

Blueface's sister, Kaliwae, took to her Instagram stories on November 24, accusing Se*yy Red of stealing a song originally intended for her. In a candid video, Kaliwae expressed frustration, claiming that Se*yy Red appropriated her material. The disputed song, "Free My N-gga," released on the same day, prompted social media commentary on the common phrase's usage.
“Se*yy Red is really stealing our shit,” she said to someone off-camera. “She said, ‘free my n-gga, he ain’t do shit.’ Free my n-gga, he ain’t do it. Like girl! She’s a mess! She’s pregnant, right?”

She continued: “I really don’t want to do music. But I just don’t like when motherfuckers play with me. You know what I’m saying? […] Y’all saw it all on my mama’s page. Like quit playin’, bro. Quit playin’! Y’all put two and two together.”

While Blueface's sister hasn't revealed when she plans to release her music, Se*yy Red teased upcoming kid-friendly songs. This announcement followed a viral video of a ballet teacher distressed by young students requesting explicit tracks, including Se*yy Red's "Pound Town."

Initially dismissive, Se*yy Red later embraced the idea of creating child-friendly content. The feud between the artists continues to unfold on social media, capturing attention in the hip-hop community.

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