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DaBaby Says He Had a Better Verse Than JAY-Z on Kanye West’s “Jail”

DaBaby Claims Superiority Over JAY-Z in Kanye West's "Jail".
DaBaby, known for his fearless confidence, asserts that his verse on Kanye West's "Jail" outshines JAY-Z's, echoing Lil Yachty's previous sentiments. In a recent appearance on Shannon Sharpe's Club Shay Shay podcast, DaBaby responded to Lil Yachty's earlier claim that he delivered a superior performance on the Donda track. 

The North Carolina rapper confidently stated, "JAY-Z, I ain’t got nothing but respect for you. Was your verse better than mine? Come on, OG. It wasn’t. That’s okay. We ain’t do it at the same time. It ain’t like you had the ability to be able to say, ‘Hold on, [let me do it over].’ We did it in two different times. But definitely." 

During Lil Yachty's podcast debut in July, he ignited a discussion about the song "Jail" and expressed his opinion that DaBaby's verse overshadowed JAY-Z's. The debate stirred controversy, with DaBaby now doubling down on the bold claim during his recent podcast appearance. 

The collaboration faced criticism due to controversies surrounding both artists at the time, with DaBaby facing backlash for homophobic comments and Manson dealing with sexual assault allegations. In another development, DaBaby shared insights on how he strategically secured his future with his initial significant payout during an interview at the 2023 BET Hip Hop Awards.

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