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DJ Khaled Reveals Why He Once Refused to Shake Tony Yayo’s Hand

DJ Khaled Affirms Tony Yayo's Handshake Incident, Revealing the Full Story

In a revealing interview on Club Shay Shay, DJ Khaled shared his perspective on the memorable 2005 encounter with Tony Yayo, shedding light on the complexities of loyalty and respect in the music industry.

Tony Yayo, during his appearance on Drink Champs in July, disclosed a moment from 2005 when DJ Khaled declined to shake his hand. Yayo explained that this refusal was rooted in the ongoing feud between G-Unit and Fat Joe, whom Khaled had a close friendship with. "I had 'So Seductive' dropping," Yayo recalled, highlighting his lack of experience in the music business.  "I didn’t know nothing about the music business. We beefing with [Fat Joe]... You f*ck with Fat Joe, Khaled ain’t fucking with you."

Despite reservations, Yayo ventured to Miami to connect with DJ Khaled in hopes of promoting his record. He cautioned his companions, emphasizing,  "I told these n***as, ‘Yo, don’t take me to DJ Khaled. Fat Joe, that’s his man. He damn near Terror Squad.'" Upon their arrival, Yayo described how DJ Khaled initially pretended to shake his hand before abruptly telling him to leave.

In response to this account, DJ Khaled shared his side of the story. He explained that at the time, he was working at a radio station, where everyone was welcome. He recognized the need to avoid getting entangled in conflicts and always aimed to show love to all. However, knowing the strained relationship between Yayo and his dear friend Fat Joe, Khaled found himself in a challenging situation. “You know, him and my man don’t get along," he said, emphasizing the depth of his bond with Fat Joe.

Khaled expressed his internal struggle, acknowledging that fully embracing Yayo might have weighed heavily on his conscience. He even considered how he would have immediately informed Fat Joe about the encounter. Such was the extent of his care and loyalty towards his friend. When asked if he would handle the situation differently in hindsight, Khaled maintained that he would choose to avoid the interaction altogether.

This account provides a fascinating glimpse into the intricate dynamics of the music industry, where personal relationships and professional considerations often intertwine. DJ Khaled's reflections highlight the importance of navigating challenging situations with integrity and respect, even in the face of difficult choices.

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