Fat Joe Faces Backlash From 50 Cent Fans After Unexpected Link-Up: “This ain’t gonna sit right with 50” | WhatsOnRap

Fat Joe's Interaction with 50 Cent's Rival's Son Raises Eyebrows: Fans Fear Renewed Feud

Over the years, Fat Joe and 50 Cent's tumultuous relationship has been well-documented. Although they reconciled in 2012 after the tragic passing of Chris Lighty, there seems to be potential for a new conflict on the horizon, as evidenced by Joe's recent interaction with Kenneth McGriff Jr., the son of 50 Cent's known adversary.

In a social media clip, Fat Joe is seen spending time with McGriff Jr., whose father, Supreme Team leader Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, allegedly plotted to harm 50 Cent in the past. Joe remarks in the video, "That’s Supreme Team, baby. You can’t get more official than this, more authentic than this. You be kidding yourself, man."

Immediately, fans took to the comments section to express their concerns, predicting potential tensions with 50 Cent. "This ain’t gonna sit right with 50," one warned, while another noted, "I’ve NEVER seen a dude play both sides of the fence the way he does," referring to Fat Joe. The uncertainty looms over whether this unexpected connection could reignite a feud, and fans hope their newfound friendship won't dissolve into renewed animosity.

Reflecting on the past feud over the summer, Fat Joe shared insights into the intensity of their conflict, expressing his surprise at 50 Cent's audacity to target him. "Although I worked for everything I got, although I never extorted nobody, although I didn’t bully nobody ... I had the persona of New York Suge Knight," he revealed. "People feared Fat Joe and the Terror Squad in that way. So for [50 Cent] talking about Fat Joe in the same city … the funeral homes were making bids."

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