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Fat Joe Discusses Whether Growing Up in the Hood is Necessary to Being a 'Real Rapper'

Fat Joe on Rap, Speaks About If You Need To Grow Up in A Hood To Became a Real Rapper.
Glasses Malone recently sparked a conversation about authenticity in rap, suggesting that Drake, hailing from the suburban realms of Canada, was somehow "colonizing" the genre. He emphasized the belief that a genuine connection to the streets is a prerequisite for being considered a true part of the hip-hop culture.

When queried about whether a gritty upbringing is still a vital factor for a legitimate emcee, Fat Joe weighed in with an intriguing perspective. "I wouldn't say that 2023,"  Joe responded when posed the question by Chazz Palminteri. He pointed out the diverse forms that hip-hop has taken over the years.
He also highlighted a potential challenge faced by successful rappers who have children. "Because there is so many different forms of Hip Hop.  But when we first came out, yes.  And it's unfair to rappers that are successful's kids.  Because rappers that are successful have a following.  So now you get  kid of a celebrity or a Hip Hop star and they grew up Little House on the Prairie.  So the hood is like, 'Nah, you grew up rich. We don't want to hear your story.  You grow up rich.  So it's very unfortunate for artists who have talented kids." he added. Joe emphasized that established artists naturally amass a dedicated following, and their offspring might come from a different background, potentially leading to skepticism from the hood.

 Joe took the opportunity not only to address the question but also to shed light on the unique challenges that artistically inclined offspring of hip-hop icons may face. It's an aspect of the industry that doesn't often get the spotlight.

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