Chrisean Rock Shares Clip on "The Jason Lee Show" of Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis' Messy Fight Over a Call - WhatsOnRap

Jaidyn Alexis Screams At Blueface For Calling Chrisean Rock In a Clip Shared On “The Jason Lee Show”

Chrisean Rock Discusses Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis Drama on "The Jason Lee Show"
With two baby mamas in the picture, Blueface's situation is getting even more complex. Last month marked significant milestones for the "Thotiana" sensation's first co-parent, Jaidyn Alexis. She celebrated her birthday, released her single "Barbie," and secured a deal with Columbia Records. As if that weren't enough, the couple also sat down for an interview on The Jason Lee Show, a move that Chrisean Rock replicated just weeks later.

During her candid interview, the Baltimore native bravely discussed her journey through various forms of abuse, triumphing over postpartum challenges, addressing rumors about a romance with Lil Baby, and the potential of expanding her family with Blue. 
At one pivotal moment, Rock presented evidence of Alexis passionately confronting their baby daddy for contacting her, underscoring the potential strains of another pregnancy for the recently engaged duo.

"She's fighting him because he, I don't know, called my phone," shared the Baddies cast member during her conversation with Lee before passing over her cell. Alexis' voice came through loud and clear. "WHY DO YOU KEEP DOING IT?" she demanded. "STOP ANSWERING THIS B**CHES CALLS," echoed the "Stewie" artist, directing her frustration towards Blue. However, Rock was adamant that it was her Cr*zy In Love co-star who had been persistently reaching out to her, not the other way around.

Following her revelation about Blueface's baby mama dynamics with Jaidyn Alexis, Chrisean Rock has been keeping herself occupied with her son. As she embarked on her weekend, the new mother happily showcased her baby's growth and strength at two months old. She also revealed that she's enlisted some assistance to help manage her household responsibilities.

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