Kid Cudi Expresses Support For Palestinians in Gaza Ceasefire Post: "This Isn’t Politics, These Are Real Lives" - WhatsOnRap

Kid Cudi Pleads For Ceasefire In Israel-Hamas Conflict

Kid Cudi advocates for Gaza ceasefire, prioritizing human suffering.

Kid Cudi took to Instagram on Sunday (Nov. 5) to advocate for a ceasefire in Gaza amidst the Israel-Hamas conflict. The rapper focused on the human toll, sidestepping political debates. He depicted the suffering of both Palestinians and Israelis.

“The things I’ve been seeing in the news have been breaking my heart. I can’t watch what’s happening in the world and remain silent. I can’t imagine the pain people are feeling,” the statement read. “Seeing their entire neighborhoods bombed, losing generations of family members, parents crying over their children’s lifeless bodies, communities turning into mass graves, people digging through the rubble of their homes in hopes of finding remains of their loved ones — a pain no one should have to go through.” he expressed, addressing the devastation faced by those in Gaza.

Cudi also grappled with releasing music amid the ongoing violence, hinting at a potential delay for his upcoming album, INSANO. "It doesn’t feel right to share the music I have coming out and pretend like there isn’t a part of the world burning, thousands of people being murdered," he reflected.

He concluded, "I stand with the people of Palestine as they demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and an end to the ongoing genocide. My heart goes out to all my brothers and sisters of all faiths and backgrounds who are suffering. Free Palestine!"

This aligns with Artists4Ceasefire's efforts, where artists like Drake, 6LACK, Miguel, Vic Mensa, and others have reached out to President Biden and the U.S. Congress, urging peace.

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