Mother of Fan Assaulted by Nardo Wick's Team Speaks Out Following The Incident, Nardo Wick Breaks Silence | WhatsOnRap

Nardo Wick's Crew Assault Victim's Mom Calls for Justice, Nardo Wick Posted an Apology

Nardo Wick Fan Assault Fallout: Mother Speaks, Artist Apologizes

The mother and friend of George Obregon Jr., the Nardo Wick fan hospitalized after a reprehensible attack orchestrated by Nardo's entourage, express profound dismay, leaving them almost speechless.

Michelle Obregon, George's mother, provided an update on her 20-year-old son's condition to TMZ, stating that he is currently stable. However, doctors are closely monitoring him to assess any potential long-term damage resulting from the brutal assault.

George's friend, Connor Villa, who was present at the concert, revealed that he was just a few feet behind George when the vicious attack unfolded. According to Connor, Nardo's team gave them an unsettling look as they approached with their phones raised after exiting the club. The assault occurred "out of nowhere" when George requested a photo together.

Connor expressed his astonishment when a member of the entourage continued to attack George after the initial blow left him unconscious and leaning against the wall. He emphasized that resorting to physical violence over a simple request for a picture was absurd and should never have happened.

Although George is now alert and communicating, Michelle mentioned that he hasn't provided many details about the incident and doesn't recall much of it. The distressed mother added that she was left "speechless" when watching the attack clip, with her primary focus on her son's health and preventing other parents from experiencing the devastating phone call she received.

In response to the incident, Nardo Wick has broken his silence, acknowledging that members of his entourage brutally attacked a fan who only wanted a photo. He expressed his upset over the situation and claimed there was nothing he could have done to prevent it.

Nardo took to Instagram to explain his immediate actions after the sucker punch, stating that he does not condone the incident. He reached out to the fan's mom to convey his apologies and concern. However, he distanced himself from the actions of the members of his team, asserting, "I can't control another grown man's actions, I ain't know that was gonna happen, and I was mad when it happened."

The rapper emphasized his attempt to intervene, expressing love and appreciation for his fans while condemning the incident as uncool in every way. The unfolding narrative sheds light on the disturbing aftermath of the assault and the artist's response to the reprehensible actions of his entourage.

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