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Nas Pays Tribute To Rakim At Grandmaster Hip-Hop Awards

Nas Pays Homage to Rakim at Grandmaster Hip-Hop Awards
In a heartfelt tribute at the recent Grandmaster Hip-Hop Awards, Nas, the iconic Queens rapper, took a moment to express his profound admiration and gratitude for Rakim, one of hip-hop's most revered pioneers. Nas's words, filled with reverence and genuine emotion, painted a vivid picture of Rakim's profound impact on his own life and the broader landscape of hip-hop culture.

"When I first heard your music...If you had told me that I would be on stage saluting you...Like, this is crazy. This is a rapper's dream. This is a hip-hop artist's dream. This don't make no sense. It not regular, this don't happen. This happen because it was supposed to happen. What you laid down, the foundation...When I first heard your music, they was doing a dance to your music in my neighborhood. I didn't understand how there was a synchronized dance to a song that just came out called the wop," Nas said.

Recalling his first encounter with Rakim's music, Nas described a scene from his neighborhood, where synchronized dance moves emerged spontaneously in response to Rakim's groundbreaking beats and lyrical mastery. The scene encapsulated the transformative power of Rakim's artistry, its ability to transcend boundaries and connect with listeners on a visceral level.

Nas's tribute extended beyond mere nostalgia; it was an acknowledgment of Rakim's enduring legacy as a hip-hop innovator. Rakim's album "Paid In Full," released in 1987, is widely recognized as a cornerstone of hip-hop's evolution, revered for its intricate wordplay, innovative rhyme schemes, and soulful delivery. Rakim's influence on subsequent generations of hip-hop artists, including Nas himself, is undeniable.

The timing of Nas's tribute, coinciding with the final weeks of hip-hop's 50th anniversary, added further significance to the moment. Nas's words served as a powerful reminder of the genre's rich history, its ability to inspire and shape cultural landscapes.

Nas's personal connection to Rakim's music runs deep. In a candid interview, Nas revealed that he had actually auditioned for the role of Rico in the film adaptation of "Paid In Full," a role that ultimately went to fellow rapper Cam'ron. While Nas's acting debut in the film "Belly" was not met with universal acclaim, his admiration for Rakim remained unwavering.

Despite the personal connection, Nas's tribute to Rakim was not merely a self-referential anecdote; it was a broader celebration of hip-hop's ability to foster connections and inspire creativity. Nas's words resonated with the audience, reminding them of the transformative power of music and the profound impact of true artistry.

These words underscore the visceral impact Rakim's music had on Nas, its ability to transcend language and cultural barriers, uniting listeners through the shared experience of rhythm, rhyme, and poetic expression. Nas's tribute was a testament to Rakim's enduring legacy and the power of hip-hop to inspire and connect generations of artists and listeners alike.

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