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Kanye West's Daughter Critiques Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian, and Yung Miami's Met Gala Outfits in a Playful Roast

North West's Hilarious Met Gala Critiques and Ambitious Career Goals
Kanye West's 10-year-old daughter, North, is making waves with her candid critiques of Met Gala outfits. In clips from Hulu's 'The Kardashians,' she humorously comments on her mom Kim Kardashian's outfit, her mom's ex Pete Davidson's attire, and even City Girls' Yung Miami. 

North, showcasing her witty remarks, humorously advises Davidson, "You’re going to the Met Gala, Pete, not the gas station!" She doesn't spare Kardashian, suggesting her mom's outfit "could be just a little bit better." Even Yung Miami faces North's critique for allegedly "copying my mom with those pearls," though North acknowledges her as "pretty."

Watch Kanye West's daughter North roast Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson, Yung Miami, and Jared Leto for their Met Gala outfits!

North's stint as a fashion critic, however, might be short-lived. In a recent appearance on the cover of I-D, the 10-year-old shared her career aspirations, expressing her desire to follow in her dad's footsteps as a rapper. She also harbors dreams of becoming a basketball player and doing art on the side, intending to walk dogs to fund her art supplies. North shows an entrepreneurial spirit, aspiring to run her parents' brands, Yeezy and SKIMS.
Kim Kardashian previously revealed that North prefers staying over at Kanye West's house, highlighting her close bond with her father. North's multifaceted ambitions and outspoken personality continue to captivate the public eye, showcasing a glimpse of her potential future in the entertainment industry.

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