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Rick Ross Blasts Jada Pinkett Smith and Her Memoir, Calls Her 'Psychologically Lost’

Rick Ross Criticizes Jada Pinkett Smith's Marriage Revelations
Rick Ross has been openly discussing Jada Pinkett Smith's recent statements about her marriage with Will Smith.

In October, he revealed a shift in his perspective on marriage. During an Instagram Live session, the renowned "Hustlin’" artist expressed surprise that they hadn't signed a prenuptial agreement, especially considering their substantial difference in net worth. Addressing Jada, the MMG boss asked, “What’s your credit score? What’s your beacon score? We don’t believe you was worth $50 million.”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the conversation circled back to Rozay's thoughts on Jada’s “Worthy” book tour, especially given his collaboration with August Alsina, her former flame, on the track "Entanglements" in 2020.

He commented, “I don’t think I agree with Jada Pinkett. To me, she’s psychologically lost and needs some counseling. Jesus! What [are] you going to tell us next? When you tell us you haven’t been together in six years, you haven’t had sex in this many years, you don’t have a prenuptial agreement — OK, what’s next?”

Later, Ross touched on Jada’s acting career and observed changes in Will’s demeanor. He remarked, “I heard the book flopped because she already told us everything. No one cares. That’s what they don’t understand. Sometimes, as celebrities, you can get out of touch. Will Smith isn’t the same Will Smith as he was 20 years ago. Jada Pinkett… come on, Jada! Chill out, baby! You were in the movie Set It Off, and that’s all we know you from. You got $15K for that role, and that’s it. Calm down.”

While Ross stated that the memoir “flopped,” reports from October indicate that “Worthy” made the New York Times’ Best Sellers list, securing the No. 3 spot on the Hardcover Nonfiction chart and No. 4 on Combined Print and e-book Nonfiction literature.

Towards the end, Ross brought up Jada's “entanglement” with Jaden Smith’s then-best friend, Alsina. He concluded, “You f**ked your son’s best friend. You said your son introduced you to psychedelics. What’s next?! And to be honest, we’re not interested! I don’t want to know if Tupac [Shakur] got alopecia! Jada, Rozay still got love for you, but go sit down.”

In an October interview with PEOPLE, Jada revealed that the late rapper first showed signs of balding around 1991. She shared that “his alopecia patterns were far more extreme” than hers, and Shakur chose to keep the diagnosis private to avoid societal pressure.

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